Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As An Professional Engineer

Now Syaaban already. Almost 4 years i'm service as Professional Engineer seriously with my KEZO consult company.

Means that almost 6 years i'm holding Professional Engineer title.

Yes... some time people look at the title ... yea.... look glamour , holding a title Ir. ... but in actual situation... i'm scared.

For those who not involve with this engineering environment of course don't know the scenario. But our friends involved and know about the latest engineering, they also don't want to get holding the title.

From my experience, handling hundreds of projects before we as designer try to give the best / optimum design (in Putrajaya term they call it as value engineering) but once it at the site it's not as per drawing. A lot of modification , changes here an there. The Architect simply change the design. The contractor not monitor the work. The sub contractor just 'taram' (belasah aje) . The supplier sent the material as per minimum grade. Huh...

Than the supervision team (RE, COW), simply take their own time to monitor (not as per 'office hour'), follow the contractor's instruction and not they give the direction to contractor.

The Super attending Officer (SO) ..... susah nak cakap loo..... follow the contractor.

As an engineer, by hook or by crook we must make sure the building must be safe and functional as well. We can't compromise on the safety of the building especially or others thing.

The government agency (not all) just look at the Ir. just to 'stamp' the drawing not more than that.

Anything happened to the building ..... or ... slope failure ..... or ... crack to the bridge... or ... roofing collapse ... or other thing.... there is cause of the Ir. . The Ir. has to responsible to that. The Ir. must prepare a report. I'm still remember last time (i'm still study) this not happen. Everybody 'respect' to the engineer. Once the engineer say A, they do A.

Now ..... i wonder if the things not change , the politician using Ir to support their career. Public no respect to the institution. The fees of consultancy can be negotiated easily, and got 'cheap sale offer'. The young engineer not clear about their responsibility and ethic as an engineer.

Try to thing .....